How to find the Via Pila...

Mappa di Spinimbecco

Are you arriving? Give a look to the Map of Spinimbecco of Villa Bartolomea (click and open it). The name is quite long, but the village is quite small! Here we show you the shortest way to get to the Farm and we suggest some activities to do or to discover in the surroundings.
You may also print the surroundings from GoogleMaps.


1. The exit of Villa Bartolomea

The "superstrada" (speedway) SS434 links Verona and Rovigo. . The more logical but less comfortable exit to get to La Pila (that usually signaled by satellite navigation systems) is that of Villa Bartolomea , at kilometer 45 (but we recommend heading out to the next, the so-called exit of Carpi).

Coming from Verona keep right and pass on the freeway, while if you come from Rovigo always keep right and go left at the STOP sign. At this point, in both cases, you are downhill from the freeway overpass and continue straight ahead, passing first a round and then a level crossing.
At the traffic lights on the main road, turn right and after a couple of kilometres you arrive in the center of Spinimbecco. Following the church and before a small round, on the right starts Via Pila, which is quite long.
Follow it and, pass the level crossing, walk along a small ditch and you will see at the bottom the buildings of our Estate, with the old Casa La Pila (now fully restored and painted red and yellow) and the old entrance gate to the court.
The new entrance gate to the farm and to the parking is at the end of the buildings on your right.

2. The exit of Carpi

The "superstrada" (speedway) SS434 links Verona and Rovigo. The nearest exit is at km 48, named the junction of Carpi, between the exits of Villa Bartolomea (arriving from Verona-Legnago) and of Castagnaro (arriving from Rovigo-Badia Polesine).

When out from the SS434, proceed towards the village, that is, if you come from Verona, at the Stop turn left and cross over the speedway whereas, if you come from Rovigo, at the Stop turn (always) left, leaving the speedway at your back. 500 meters after take the first small road left. You'll find the signposts both of our Agriturismo and of the road: Strada dell'Argine vecchio della Valle which, after, continue in Via Gorgo da Bagno. Two names, two histories!

Follow this small country road, rather narrow, bended, sided from ditches but all asphalted, keeping always left.
One kilometer after, at the crossroads with Via Anguanin (non asphalted, which turns left), where five old plane trees are standing, begins La Pila Estate.
Continue on the right along the asphalted small road: you'll run alongside (on your left) first to the sawing land and than the pears orchard and than ....... here you are, on your left, in front of the main gate of the Farm, in Via Pila 42!
Also if in the Town council it says that is Via Gorgo da Bagno 2, it doesn't matter because is La Pila!

3. Our little train

It runs not so far away from the Farm and, some time, with its rythmic noise it keeps us friendly.
But do not be afraid: it is a secondary line, only one track, and the trains are a few and not during the night!
When needed, it is an easy link with the Stations of Verona (sometimes you must change the train at Legnago or Nogara station) or Rovigo (direct train), with connections with all the main trains to the bigger destinations. The nearest station is Villa Bartolomea.
For trains timetable, browse the Web-Site www.trenitalia.it and digit the name Villabartolomea in one word! Please note that the station of Villa Bartolomea is so small that DO NOT have the ticket office. For this reason we recommend you purchase in advance of any return ticket.

There are also bus services which are linking with Legnago, Verona, Padova, Mantova, Rovigo. Visit the Web-Site of the Bus Company A.P.T.V. which you can find at the page www.aptv.it.


A. The town of Villa Bartolomea

Villa Bartolomea is our chief town. There are all the main shops and services: the Post Office, 3 Banks, 2 Supermarkets, one Dry cleaner's and Laundry shop, the Chemist's, the Stationer's, the Photographer's, many Grocer's shops, two excellent Cake's and Ice-cream shops, a exquisite restaurant, da Battista, with Venetian cookery very sought-after, one Pizzeria, some Trattorie, may Bars and so on.

The Municipality has recently opened to the public after long restorations works the Teatro Sociale (Social Theatre). More over in Villa Ghedini, during the summer, are organised cultural evenings with dramas, ballets or concerts.

There is also a big Sport's Center with two football grounds, on soccer ground, two beach volley sandy grounds, two tennis courts in red earth, one roller skating rink, one regular bowls ground and lastly also a gymnasium where are organized summer courses of various gimmick activities.

Two are the Feasts: the most important is the one during San Bartolomeo feast, on the 24th of August (4 or 5 days of merry-go-rounds, dinners, dances and spectacles) but is similarly rich the one held in the first week of October.

B. The village of Spinimbecco

The Farm La Pila is situated in the small town of Spinimbecco in the municipality of Villa Bartolomea (how long names!).

To reach the Farm, if you are arriving from the old main road Legnago-Badia Polesine, locate the parish church which has a strange peculiarity: the bell tower is separated and situated on the opposite side of the road, facing the entrance of the church. 50 meters far away (on your right after the bell tower, if you come from Legnago-Villa Bartolomea, or on your left before the bell tower, if you come from Badia Polesine-Castagnaro), it begins the Via Pila. Follow it all over to the end, cross the railroad and you'll see far away the old La Pila House (now completely restructured and painted in red and yellow), the main house and the group of high magnolia trees.
The entrance of the Farm is at the end of the buildings on your right.

Our Parish Church, which date back to 1700 and is beautifully restored, has a very good Choir singing during all the main religious feasts (the director of the Choir is our Michele, responsible for the Farm!). The priest has gathered all the information related to the history and activities of the Church in an up-dated website.

The village is rather small, but there is the Post Office, some grocer's shop, the hairdresser, a fashion shop (Lory Mode), two Bar and one Pub, a Take.away Pizzeria and a Gastronomy with ready meals.

In terms of sport's structures there is a regular football ground and a tennis ground with red earth, where you can play free of charge just upon booking and with respect to the rules for its use.

The festival of Spinimbecco is as important as in the chief town, Villa Bartolomea: it runs at mid-August and lasts from 3 to 5 days, depending on the year's calendar. Games, merry-go-rounds, super bingos, but mainly delicious country kitchen and breaking country dances.

C. The village of Carpi

Second small town of Villa Bartolomea after Spinimbecco, this small village has first of an excellent restaurant, Antica trattoria Bellinazzo. It has only strictly old Venetian dishes and has got a valuable selection of wines. Not to disregard that it also has a nice bowls ground. From La Pila Estate, it takes 5 minutes by car, but you can reach them by bike on easy asphalted small country roads.

Besides this in Carpi there isn't much else: first of all the 3 Lupi Supermaket, then the Bank, the Chemist's and a Beautician/Massages.

The feast is every year between the second and the third week of July: dinners, merry-go-rounds and dances, dances, dances.